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family photographer portfolio example

A photograph remembers details, long after our minds have forgotten them. Even after decades have passed, a photo reminds us of people and things as if they were here with us right now.

A good photo is like a memory. Not only of the way someone/thing looked, but how they felt... how that moment in time felt. When people look at my photos I want them to feel that moment, not just see it.

This is really powerful and beautiful. I'm so happy and honored to be trusted with peoples' memories. That's why the folks I shoot with don't feel like clients to me... I want to make them feel like friends, I want to treat them like family. Being trusted to capture or document moments from your life, or to capture the essence of who you are is a task that I don't take lightly but embrace with a lot of joy.

So I'm going to be there for you. As your family photographer, as your wedding photographer, your headshot photographer, or whatever else you need...I'm going to try to show you as you really are. And we're going to have a wonderful time working together.

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