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Before our shoot date we will meet in person or via FaceTime/skype and talk about your wishes, needs, goals, hair and makeup, and even pick out outfits.
We will shoot up to three hours, 5 looks.
A few days after we shoot, I'll send you an online gallery to look over, share, and download an unlimited amount of photos to keep digitally.
Then you choose 5 favorite shots. I'll edit those 5 so they are print-perfect.
That's $700.
(the most popular option)
We will shoot up to two hours, 3 looks.
A few days later, I'll give you an online gallery to look over, share, and download up to 10 photos to keep digitally.
Then you choose three favorite shots. I'll edit those three so they are print-perfect.
That's $375.
(if you have a friend who needs headshot too)
Two people share a two-hour shoot, two looks each.
A few days later, you each get an online gallery to view and share, from which you can download 10 photos to keep digitally.
Then you each choose two favorite shots. I'll edit those shots so they are print-perfect.
That's $265 each.
We will shoot one hour, one look.
You'll get that online gallery to view and download up to 5 photos to keep digitally.
You choose one favorite shot for me to edit and make print-perfect.
That's $175.
(This package is available any time in Philadelphia or Lehigh Valley, or on special "mini session" dates in New York - just get in touch if you're interested in one of those dates.)
EXTRA TIME (more looks), EDITS, and DOWNLOADS can be added to any package so you can have the exact headshot experience you'd like.  Don't hesitate to ask me about anything you'd like!
I know a couple of artists who can help you look your best. They're fun and kind and super-great at what they do! Ask me for their contact info if you'd like.
You can feel free to hire your own makeup artist if you've already got one you love to work with.
Also, sometimes you'd just rather do it yourself, and that's ok too.  Just bring your makeup along in case we need touch ups.
I always say, wear what makes you feel great. Be comfortable and authentic to who you are. 
Color is great, simple cuts are great, layering is good, solid color and simple patterns are good... Turtlenecks and crazy patterns are not so good. (Although I've had folks prove me wrong about this.)
Do you love bowties? Wear a bowtie. Are you a person who likes tank tops and yoga pants? Bring some yoga pants and tanks! "Authentic to who you are"and how you like to present yourself -- that's the name of the game.
Feel free to bring plenty of options along and I can help you pick what might be best. 
I love to shoot outdoors. The energy outside the studio, the chance to take a short walk and chat, and the light...! Natural light is so gorgeous!
So if it rains, we'll reschedule our shoot.
I like to keep sessions relaxed and fun so that everyone has a great time and we get some honest, beautiful, comfortable photos.
I'll show you your shots as we go. Every once in a while, I'll come stand next to you and turn my camera around so you can see the look and vibe we're getting. From there you can give the thumbs up or we can make adjustments from what you see.
I'll give you feedback and direction. It might be simple stuff like "turn your head a little this way," or it might be something fun like "try to intimidate me with your looks." I'll give you little tips and tricks to help you get comfortable and have a great time shooting.
When I edit, I always perfect the color, sharpen eyes, smooth skin a little, remove blemishes and stray hairs...  I will not change the shape of your face or body, or alter the real you. You can tell me to edit a little more heavily, or not at all.
Most people order their own reproductions, post cards, business cards, etc. I can recommend a site that is excellent for this type of printing if you'd like. Just ask.
If you don't have time/don't want to do it yourself, I can handle all of it for you. Just get in touch for pricing and services.
Any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out.



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