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"I think they look terrific! I appreciate your hard work and feel really great about what I'm taking out with me to auditions.

Thanks, best, and hope to cross paths soon,

C" - Carl Granieri: actor


"Kim is amazing! She was a delight to shoot with and was instantly able to bring out the "real me." She knows exactly what casting directors are looking for and how to highlight that in all my photos. I absolutely LOVE my new headshots and cannot wait to start using them!" - Sarah Lynn Dewey: actress


"I had my first professional headshot session with Kim.  I'm a student actor and found her by recommendation from a professor whose also a longstanding industry professional. She worked with several actors whom I know and respect and they had nothing but praise for her.  Upon meeting Kim I was impressed. She truly was fantastic: comfortable, funny, professional, down to earth- all at the same time. And relatable-- while a photographer, she's also a working actress so she knows what it feels like on both sides of the lens. And it showed.  She knew what I felt and what I was looking for because she's been there. I could not have asked for a better experience.  And on top of it all, what makes it most gratifying is the intuitive feeling that Kim really loves  what she does. Yes, it's a business but Kim enjoys and appreciates the art. She's very giving in that way: wants you to really be there, have fun and walk out feeling good. All of which I did. I would, and have already recommended Kim in an instant." - Peter Danelski: DeSales University student, actor


"OMG...They're SO good, Kim! How many times have you heard this: 'How the hell am I going to pick' !?!?!" - Paul Dake: actor, stage manager


"They're beautiful! Thank you so, so much again; I'm increadibly happy with them. You're the best!" - Zach Chiero: actor


  "I'm pretty uncomfortable in front of the camera. Kim somehow managed to get me past all that, and pretty soon we were chatting away and I was able to think about something other than the fact that I was getting my picture taken again and again. She cut through any nervousness I had been feeling to capture me; when she sent me some of her favorites (extremely quickly, I should add) I was excited to see how many of them captured something essential about me - they weren't just pictures of my face, they all seemed to say who I was. 
  Bottom line: I was comfortable with Kim, and she was happy taking however long it took to get results. If something wasn't working - an angle, a background, the light - she immediately noticed and adjusted. If I was having trouble letting her (and the camera) in, she distracted me, surprised me, charmed me - whatever it took. Ultimately, I had a great time, and I feel like I got some really terrific results. Thanks!" - Aubie Merrylees: actor, Yale grad student



"Taking photos with Kim is a joy. She immediately makes you feel at ease from the moment she says hello, making the experience comfortable and laid back. I didn't even feel like she was taking my picture, which is a feat considering how nerve-wracking being in front of a camera can be." - Luigi Sottile: actor


"They are really great shots. I'm very grateful." - Doug Hara: actor


"She allowed me to be as natural as possible and allowed my personality to shine. I ended up with beautiful pictures that I am happy to use as I continue my journey as an actor." Julie Grega: actress


"Working with Kim was a joy...It was as relaxed and carefree as one could hope. The shots she took were all fantastic and I really had a hard time narrowing things down. You won't find better headshots for your money anywhere!" - Bill Zillinski: actor



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